Ultimate BnB

Could this be YOUR ultimate getaway?

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This is a story about two people chasing a dream. It’s a story about a venture and an adventure. As your hosts, we want to share our story: who we are and what we would like Ultimate BnB to be, for you, our guest (or curious traveler) and for us as hosts. Our story tells where it is located and why we have chosen to do what we do.  And for anyone who has ever considered following this path, this is the story of when it all began and how we got from the ‘seedling’ of an idea to actual launching of this project.

For those of you who have arrived here after perusing our vacation rental listing we hope you will find this blog informative and we appreciate your thoughts on how we can improve it. Poke around the various articles and then leave a comment if you like. Come back from time to time and follow along as we take our venture from inception to launch and into the future. We’ll introduce a wide variety of interesting places here on Vancouver Island. You will meet some of our more colourful, interesting & talented island residents. And we will be writing about the arts, festivals and other happenings in our community. Hopefully we might even entice you to come check it out for yourself. And if you do, our hope is you will consider a stay at our Ultimate BnB. It would be our pleasure!

The Love Boat?

Currently, we are listed on the following sites:

Oh, and we love feedback. If there are questions, comments, or bits of information we can help with please let us know by leaving a comment or just hit the ‘follow’ button.

10 thoughts on “Ultimate BnB

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Have a look through the website because it does provide lots of good info. That said, the site has been neglected and for that I apologize. However, if you still have questions and can be more specific, I will do my best to answer them. Alternatively you can send an email to info@ultimatebnb.com and we can communicate directly.


      1. Rachel McWilliam

        Very delayed review as we stayed here august 2017 and we are now looking to send my parents as it was such an amazing beautiful place to stay and the hosts were lovely couldnt be better. Perfect location.


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