Michael Kaeshammer at “The Mac”

Friday, Nov. 27/15 – Blues & Boogie Woogie piano king returns to his roots…

When Michael Kaeshammer arrived in Victoria BC from Offenburg Germany in 1993 at age 16, he took this town by storm. He’d been playing piano for 10 years already. A friend encouraged me to get down to The Fernwood Inn and catch his Thursday night gig. Impressive would be an understatement.

Michael Kaeshammer – photographer unkown


After arriving in Canada, Michael set about building a career, and what a career it’s been. With 10 albums released to date, on Friday evening he kicks off a series of performances that take him from Fort Lauderdale to a performance at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

“He’s a showman. If you haven’t seen him live you haven’t really experienced him in his true element” – THE MONTREAL GAZETTE

As you can tell from watching this video we will be in for a treat on Friday evening during Michael’s performance at the McPherson Theatre in downtown Victoria.

I hope those of you who may be considering a stay with us at our Ultimate BnB will find this little snippet enjoyable. It’s representative of the calibre of entertainment you’ll find happening on any given night in this great town. Please check back often as I will be writing on people, places, and events that travellers may find both interesting and enticing…perhaps even enticing enough to ‘take the leap’ and come stay with us!

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